It may be that at least half of people in the United States and in the West in general, haven’t changed very much in their values and standards. However, the people who are wanting to overthrow the past, have pretty much cemented their power over us all.

Our mainstream media is now firmly on one side of the political and moral spectrum, in the States and in much of Europe, and they’re able to guide at least half the population with their management of information. Unless our God sees fit to send revival and straighten things out, we’re like a car stuck in cruise control, heading for a cliff.

With what we see happening in Eastern Europe, there are millions of people wondering what it’s all going to lead to. No doubt there are plenty of Christians thirsty for the latest prognostications of the alleged prophecy experts, and plenty of those experts ready to tell us that the rapture is going to be before next Wednesday.

In my decades as a Bible-believing Christian, I’ve seen changes in the future, as foreseen by the experts. And one of those changes has been in the predictions of what will happen to America, as it relates to Bible prophecy. In the sixties, seventies and eighties, it was assumed that the United States would be the lone ranger of end times, rescuing the Jewish remnant, and providing safe harbor for true believers. The truth is that it embodies all that’s very wrong with our world, and champions it all.

Need I list these things? Abortion, the destruction of a history-long understanding of gender and the promotion of its nonsense, the propaganda of atheistic philosophy in education, the glorification of self, and false teachings within the Church leading millions away from the Word of God. Now we have the rot and arrogant destruction of honest, responsible government, and the throwing of truth to the ground in what was once considered the “free” press. America is in a life and death battle within its own borders.

Can America be retrieved? Yes, it can. But the question “Will it?” has a far less certain answer. Even if it is, the belief that America will be the lone good-guy on that proverbial “world stage” at the time of the End is, in my opinion, no more than wishful thinking.

Ultimately, the fate of the United States is fully sealed, and known by the Creator of all things. It’s there in Revelation for anyone to read-like it or not. The only question is how soon those things foretold will come upon us.

Most prophecy “experts” within the evangelical Christian world have for decades clung doggedly to the conviction that the kingdom of the Beast spoken of in Revelation will be a “Revived Roman Empire”, with the European Union as its likely immediate progenitor. The traditional view has been that the United States would be an island of sanity and freedom: a righteous John Wayne of prophecy, riding over the hill to rescue Israel from an all-out attack on Jerusalem by all the “other” world powers, as recorded in Zechariah and other Bible passages. But wait a moment: doesn’t Scripture declare that “all” the nations of the world will come against Jerusalem? Does “all” mean “all”, or does it mean “some”?

Those working to open our borders, to reshape our way of thinking and believing, and to take us into a global society, are determined to see it happen. We’re eating too many hamburgers, so we have to pay billions in taxes and increased fuel charges, to stop the sea coming up on the beach, to stop the sun from shining, and to stop rainstorms in winter.

We have to be more interdependent. We have to open our borders and treat those coming in illegally better than our citizens. We have to forget our history and to deny what we once saw as simple, rational truth. Marx counselled the overthrow of the Church, the traditional family, and the record of history: does that all sound familiar?

“…as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth…” (Luke 21:35).

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Prophecy “experts” constantly miss the fact that Daniels prophecy of the so-called “Revived Roman Empire” (chapters 2 and 7) doesn’t seem to suggest that the empire will need any reviving. If you read carefully you’ll find that Rome-or its zeitgeist-appears to continue until its final form comes to fruition. And has not Europe, since Rome, continued on in great strength, dominating the world and to a large extent, shaping it to its own image?

One of the central aims of the Beast, and the nations of the world, according to Scripture in several prophesies, will be the capture and division of Jerusalem. This is the dream and the stated goal of most of the Islamic world, and virtually all members of the United Nations. One of the first aims of global governance is the wresting of Jerusalem from the control of Israel.


Of course, the name “United States” wasn’t used in Bible prophesies made many centuries ago. But neither was Britain or France or Germany, or Iran or China or Russia or the European Union. Rome lived on through European history…broken as it was… just as the feet and toes of Daniel’s image were “partially of iron and partly clay”. The iron in that iron-clay mix were not a new feature of the statue, but the remnants of the legs of iron: Rome.

Iron and clay do not really blend, and the unity of Rome is not quite there now. But make no mistake, Rome lives on. And it doesn’t just live on in the disjointed European Union: the United States itself came out of Europe. This is an unwelcome and uncomfortable fact for those Americans who want to think that America is above all of that sort of thing, but it’s an unavoidable truth. And the more you look around, the more you see not only of the culture of Europe, but of the roots of our present “free” West, known as the Roman Empire. Rome was founded and settled by multitudes of immigrants from all around. Rome did not always exist: it grew out of the surrounding nations. Its population and culture was a “melting pot”.

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It was once taught that the US will be the “eagles wings” which come to the rescue of Israel in Revelation. Unfortunately, this is wishful thinking at best. The word “eagles” and the term “eagles wings” were sometimes used as metaphors for God’s own aid, or for armies of judgment in the Old Testament, long before transport planes and air-lifts were imagined (Exodus 19:4; Jeremiah 48:40-41). It is God himself-and more specifically his Christ-who will rescue Israel from their enemies-not a fallen nation (Isaiah 63:1-5).

Since “all nations” will attack Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:2), and considering the moral and political slide of the United States, and the near strangle-hold of those wanting to subdue us all to global treaties, laws and ideologies, the most logical answer to the question, “Where is America in Bible prophecy” is that the US actually is very much a part of Bible prophecy. It will be a central part of the final world empire- perhaps even the driving force of it. 

Even more of a slant at traditional understandings of prophecy is the truth that its leader could just as easily arise in the United States as any other part of the kingdom. I will add to that that he may “recover” political power that he once had, and I’m not talking about Trump (even if he does get re-elected). The first five verses of Revelation 13, to my mind, are driving at a recovery of authority, not a literal physical headwound (though that could be part of it).

The kingdom of the Beast will be an overpowering military force, according to Scripture:

“Who is like the Beast? Who can make war against him?” (Revelation 13:4).

At the present time and at no time in the foreseeable future could this be said for the European Union. But it could be said for the West led by the US, who together have been the policing force of most of the world for some time. Or it could be said for a global military, with allied powers all over the world, working together to put us all under their control. And this desire among many, even within the United States government today, will be greatly facilitated by digital technology. Once the will for global governance takes complete hold, along with the influence of anti-Semitic ideology and religion, Revelation will be in full swing.

We may be a lot closer to the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecies and to Revelation than most of us realize. While we wait for the last days empire to form “over there”, we may find ourselves to be in it.


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