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The political scene with its surrounding discourse, debate and accompanying scheming, charades, and false characterizations and representations provide a perfect arena for human nature to hone and to extrude one of its prime characteristics-one of the things it’s best at: blaming someone else…


Life, for almost all of us, is tough, and then we die. As if life and death itself isn’t enough to deal with, we live in opposition to our Creator and we ignore his instructions for a good life and a happy world, and then when things go wrong as they would if we attempted to construct a table with a chainsaw, we look for someone else to blame and accuse.

We forget that we’re all prone to the same troubles, and we’re all limited in our abilities and knowledge. There is no perfect world; there is no utopia just waiting to be discovered by somebody who has all the right ideas and the right phrases and the best looks, and even if there were, there are plenty of others ready and willing to throw a wrench in the works, who have a different idea of how that perfect world should be achieved, and who don’t want to listen to your ideas.

We all tend to want to blame someone else for our problems and our failures. It was our dad’s fault, our mother’s fault, our boyfriend’s fault, our wife’s fault, our politicians’ fault, our ancestors’ faults. They weren’t generous enough, they didn’t try hard enough, they didn’t think of us enough, they didn’t make the right decisions, they weren’t educated enough, they weren’t good-looking enough, they didn’t…overlook our faults enough. We don’t consider that they themselves were struggling to get through life as best they could. But for them our world would be just as it should be -right?

Oh, but then, if the world were perfect, there would be nobody left to blame…but ourselves.


I killed Christ

I killed him with my tongue when I slandered my neighbor and spread rumors about him

I killed him with my finger when I pointed it at someone else

I killed him with my fist, when I sought revenge on my enemy

I killed Christ

I killed him by my neglect, when I failed to love my sister

I killed him when I failed to love my family and my friends

I killed him when I failed to love the poor and lowly

I killed Christ

I killed him when I used a woman for my own selfish desire

I killed him when I abused the body he gave me

I killed him by my ingratitude

I killed Christ.

I killed him with my back when I turned it to my Creator

I killed him with my feet when I ran away from him

I killed him with my heart when I ignored him

I killed Christ

I killed him when I robbed my employer by taking money I had not worked for

I killed him when I put all my wants above the needs of others

I killed him when I thought I was better than my brother

Jesus, forgive me and have mercy on me….


By me