The United States government, wishing to disarm Americans, and in a spirit of continuing its tradition of arming its potential enemies, is to date going ahead with a deal in which two hundred M1A1 Abrams tanks and twenty F-16 advanced fighters will be GIVEN to the Moslem-Brotherhood led Egypt, courtesy of the American tax-payer, later this month. What is the logic of borrowing money from China to buy weapons to give to the Muslim Brotherhood?

It’s the same Egyptian government which has just imposed Shariah law on its citizens, which is turning a blind eye to Coptic Christians-its own citizens-being harassed and persecuted, and which privately calls America an “enemy”. Its leaders are among those who have agreed that Israel, our best ally and only real democracy in the Middle- East, with its seven million citizens, is an invalid entity: a “cancer” which should and “will” be removed. Its leader, Morsi, has called Israelis “the descendants of apes and pigs”. This is remarkably close to Hitler’s view.  Egyptian clerics, now empowered by Shariah law, have advocated the destruction of Israel at the earliest possible date:





In answer to the above, you are welcome to read my post on the future of Jerusalem:



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