Have you ever noticed how often nature programs and nature journals or books, particularly those written for children, begin their reports with the words “Millions of years ago…”?

The majority of people have heard the phrase so many times that they’re convinced it’s a proven fact that life has evolved over hundreds of millions of years.

Did you know that soft tissues have been found in fossils and bones which are supposedly millions of years old? The Institute for Creation Research has listed some of those finds, among which is the discovery of type 1 collagen, soft blood vessels, proteins, blood cells and DNA within fossilized T Rex bones. Does it make sense to you that dinosaur bones should have soft blood vessels inside them after sixty-five million years?

Of course, evolutionists have been working hard to adequately explain away the finds, and the biased mainstream media only has to ignore the finds or stack the “evidence” against them, and we can all then continue merrily on in the belief that there is no God to answer to.



  1. Great article mate, and thanks for the information.
    Those poor evolutionists, scrambling around, looking for ways to deny the evidence.
    I had a Megasaurus this morning, but then I did have a Vindaloo last night……


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