Creationists are often accused by skeptics, atheists and evolutionists of abandoning reason and rational thought. They are “committing intellectual suicide”, and they are being “intellectually dishonest” when they reject the evolution of life, the universe and everything from nothing. They are “ignorant” and “stupid’. They are “deluded”.

In recent times the militant evolutionists have worked harder to turn people – you and your children – away from faith in God, by sharpening their resolve and their rhetoric. Now creationists are “dangerous” because of their determination to have faith in God and to ignore what passes for “science”. The truth is that only that which is observable and testable is science. This disqualifies anything which allegedly happened millions of years ago.

I first learned of the creationists’ view of faith and reason when I read a book by Prof. E.H. Andrews*.  At the time of writing, Prof. Andrews, B.Sc., Ph.D., D. Sc., F. Inst. P., FIM., C. Phys., C. Eng., was Professor of Materials at the University of London, and was formerly Head of the Department of Materials and Dean of Engineering at Queen Mary College.

Andrews argued that faith and reason go hand in hand.

You see, as much as evolutionists want you to think so, creationists do not reject evolution by ignoring it and then having blind faith in some fairy story instead, they reject it both because of their faith in God, and by reasoning with the evidence available. They believe that the evidence found in nature more clearly supports the Biblical understanding of our origins.


The evolutionist processes all information about our universe by intentionally discounting the possibility of a Creator. In a sense, he has “faith”, since it cannot be proven that there is no God. He knows that matter came into being at some point in the past, and, not having a video of the event or of those which followed, he decides that a “singularity” gave birth to the universe. By faith in that singularity, he reasons his way to a theory of how it “must have” happened. He observes nature, and looks for evidence to support his theories and hypotheses of how life evolved.

The Biblical creationist processes all information about our universe by beginning with faith in the Biblical Creation account. He knows that matter came into being at some time in the past, and, not having a video of the event or those which followed, he sees that the Bible claims to be a message from God to man, and that it speaks of time, space and matter being created. He sees that it also provides the basis for an understanding of what happened to cause billions of creatures, trees and plants, including dinosaurs, to be buried catastrophically in the earth. He observes nature, looking for evidence which supports that account.

I don’t have time for blind faith, and I don’t need it.  Reason tells me that I didn’t evolve out of a rock which came from nothing or a “singularity”. Reason tells me that I am not just a pile of chemical processes. Reason tells me that dinosaurs didn’t all “wander into a swamp”, sometimes in herds. Reason (and experience) tells me that there is no fossil series on display anywhere, showing legs shortening and then disappearing to turn cows or goats into whales, just as reason tells me that a frog doesn’t turn into a prince.

Reason tells me that some people don’t want to know God, and that some people do.

Reason supports and compliments my faith.

* Prof. E. H. Andrews, Christ and the Cosmos (Evangelical Press, Welwyn, England, copyright EP 1986)



  1. Great post. You’re right. Reason and sound logic support faith. How could one think that it is logically sound to think that the universe just popped into existence with great design without a designer? It would be the same as thinking that 3D, High Definition television sets could automatically pop into my living room without anyone designing it or creating the set. It hasn’t happened yet and I do not look for it to occur, either. Keep up the good work. If you have time, stop by and check out my site at God bless.


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