We had a gathering of family and friends yesterday. In the grassy wilderness, among rolling hills and towering trees, and under a clear blue sky and striking sunshine, they had come once again, to grace our home and to fill it with delight.

As I approached the house the air was pulsating with laughter, talking, shouting and singing. Once on the porch, I jumped over our huge tiger, sprawled out and yawning, walked through the doorway, and prepared to navigate my way through all the people. A big cheer of greeting went up for me, and I was besieged by hugs and kisses and kind words. Looking around the room I could see my sons, their sons and daughters, their sons, their sons, and their daughters. In the far corner were my father and mother, my grandparents, my grandmother’s father, his grandfather, my great-great-great grandmother and father, along with several of their children. In all I would say that probably at least twenty generations were represented, and I could see many of my good, good friends. The laughter and conversation continued, growing in volume, and from one room came the sound of a rousing song, along with the collective stamping of feet which was making my huge collection of precious stones and ornamental glass bounce and chime and twinkle in great beams of light streaming through the open windows. The house was full of warmth, hugs, gentle touches, big smiles and kind words. It was yet another feast of love and exhilaration.

I’m constantly amazed at just how happy I am – how happy we all are. This feeling of freedom and euphoria never fades or diminishes, even after all this time. I stopped counting the years after five thousand – there didn’t seem any point anymore, because, as I finally realized completely, the years of happiness and joy are never going to stop. They had a beginning, but they will have no end.

We talked and laughed and sang into the night. The party spilled out into the garden, where stars shone and sparkled as intensely as ever. I looked briefly at the galaxy where I had been working just hours earlier – a glowing, spinning universe of its own.

Delicious scents of grasses and blossoms mingled and meandered passionately through our senses.  Several friends took turns to ride the tiger around the garden as the four white horses looked on, stripes flashing and blurring between silhouetted trees and flowers, stunning eyes glowing in the starlight.

Suddenly my son leapt from his seat, shouting at the top of his voice so as to be heard by all:

“Let’s all go to The City together!”

As one the gathering cheered and jumped exctedly:

“Yes, let’s all go – now!” they roared.

Taking the lead again, my son raised his arms to the sky, and cried out with all his might:


He vanished, and within seconds, we were all following:

“TO THE CITY – TO THE CITY!” we cried at the tops of our voices…

And there it was just in front of us, seemingly filling the universe, as shockingly beautiful and astounding as ever, shining and throbbing with the light of The King of Glory! Its crystal walls and towers, its pure gold buildings bathed our eyes with color and wonder! Huge gates gleamed and sent beams of light out into the depths of space. The entire city vibrated with energy, its incredible colors singing and pouring waves of joy over us and around us and in us.  And there was The River, sparkling and shimmering like a river of diamonds, lined by numberless crowds of people, running, jumping, hugging, singing, worshipping…

Then through the crystal walls, perhaps ten miles away, I spotted Him – my Love.

“There He is!” I gasped…

“There He is!” everyone shouted…but He had already seen us:

“Come to me!” he said.


As one we ran, and ran swiftly, laughing and calling, stretching and reaching in almost unbearable anticipation, our limbs filled with power, our hearts pounding with vitality, our eyes fixed on our Love. In our lead was my great-grandfather, his long black hair flowing behind him, his gleaming muscles rippling with life force.

We passed through the jasper wall, into the city, and there He was, smiling and laughing as we fell over each other trying to be the first to arrive – to be the first to kiss his hands, and to kiss his feet, and to worship Him.

Our joy was complete and immense: there is nothing better than this in all of Creation.

Coming back to the house, our home away from home, would be an anti-climax, if there were few tomorrows. But our tomorrows are without end. Sometimes I just want to stay there – in The City – with Him, and never leave. But His Spirit is always with me, no matter where I am: I am only one step away from Him.

Copyright © Nick Fisher May 2013


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