A large number of people think that “if” there’s a heaven, everyone will be going there – except perhaps Adolph Hitler, George Bush – oh – and the neighbor. Well excuse me, but if that’s the case, you can count me out – I don’t want to go – because heaven would be just like earth is now: oozing with slander, violence, lies, corruption, snobbery, division, and just about every human weakness you can think of – and that’s just the church! On top of that, there would be all the people who wouldn’t choose go to heaven if you paid them: they hate the thought of it, and writhe in anguish and gnash their teeth at the slightest mention of God or heaven. Imagine the spiteful, nasty humor of a God who would create such a heaven and send everyone there, for ever and ever, an eternal hell in heaven.

Isn’t it just possible that a God who would and could create heaven would have his own ideas about who would qualify to go there? Let’s hope and pray that he has standards. Let’s hope and pray that he’s not a universalist. Let’s hope and pray that he will make some kind of judgment about who will and who will not go there, so that heaven will not be filled with all those things I mentioned above. Judgment…now where have I heard that word before…?

You can read my post, “How To Go To Heaven” here…


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