I offered this question several weeks ago in one of my posts, recalling that when I was a boy I wondered why, if evolution were true, did humans lose all their ape-like fir, then start lighting fires and putting on clothes?

(Abstractreacle: “Drops”)

Recently on TV I saw a priest of the great Darwin suggesting that pre-humans lost their hair because it was unattractive to those who wanted a mate, so that by “natural selection” humans had all their hair bred out of them over many thousands of years. The hairier specimens just couldn’t pull the girls, and I suppose that shivering in the cold and wearing smelly animal skin was much more sexy.

So does this answer my childhood question on the validity of human evolution? Hardly. You see, from my experience, while it’s clear that facial hair is not as fashionable as it was a few decades ago, most women just don’t dig balding men-they find baldness a turn off. And apparently the “other” primates still find hairy bodies a turn on-they aren’t losing their hair.

If this theory is true, we really should be elevating bald men to higher positions, since they are more highly evolved and therefore more intelligent. We should have a bald president and some bald politicians-perhaps they would do a better job than the hairy ones.  What a tricky theory evolution is, and I mean to say that word “tricky” as an extension of the word “trick”.

Did Charlie have a hard time finding a mate? He was bald, but he had a hairy face….


I saw a car with a sticker on the back saying “Caution-baby on board”.  So I’m supposed to think, “Oh, all right then, I won’t smash into that car, I’ll smash into another one instead…And why is it that as soon as you’ve washed your windshield, you’re heading down the road and a large bug splats itself right in your line of sight? Murphy’s Law is unquestionably true.

When you see a car go flying by you at around twenty over the speed limit, weaving in and out of the traffic, and it has one of those little fish on the back, you have to wonder if the car is stolen, or if the owners love fishing as a sport. Surely they aren’t trying to be the first Christians to break the land-speed record? Surely, Christians are more concerned about keeping the laws of the land, aren’t they?

My favorite sticker, which I’ve only seen on trucks, reads:

“It’s not a choice-it’s a baby”.


People, even those claiming to be enlightened and intelligent, are able to believe the silliest things. My sister, an atheist, told me that people get back-aches because humans haven’t been walking upright for long since we left the trees, so our bodies aren’t yet fully adjusted. Try telling that one to your boss next time you want the day off. And if it were true, it would mean that those who don’t get back-aches are more highly evolved. So, our next president should be bald and upright, with no history of back pain.

If my sister is right, I wonder how the first upright ape-man fared when he decided to stand:

“Ohhhh my Darwin! This is excruciating! Still, I’m determined to do it…I’m going to walk upright for the rest of my life if it kills me!”



It’s amazing what we humans will justify when we want something. According to a commercial on a Christian radio station I sometimes listen to, “Gold and silver are endorsed by God and mentioned in the Bible over 800 times”.

I can see that it’s wise to be prepared for any eventuality, and to be on top of our finances if we’re able, and I know that gold is not innately evil, but is it really “endorsed by God”? Proponents of the collection of precious metals believe that they need to have something in store when things around them, like the economy, go wrong. It sounds like the God of the Bible is advising everyone to put at least some trust in worldly wealth, when in fact he said, via Solomon the wise:

“Whoever trusts in riches will fall” (Proverbs 11:28).

Job, a man who God considered the most righteous of his time, said:

“If I have put my trust in gold, or said to pure gold, ‘You are my security’…then these also would be sins to be judged, for I would have been unfaithful to God on high” (Job 31:24-28).

There’s another clear warning not to trust in metal when the going gets tough, even in the very last of days:

“Neither their silver not their gold will be able to save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath” (Zephaniah 1:18).

And as though continuing this thought, James in the New Testament has a warning for the rich:

“Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days” (James 5:3).

Interestingly, the disciples of Jesus either had no care for gold, or just couldn’t  get any, because Peter said:

“Silver or gold I do not have…” (Acts 3:6).

Of course, most people who have plenty of money don’t consider themselves to be rich. This is probably at least part of the reason why Jesus said:

“…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Matthew 14).

Since God is the judge, and not us, isn’t it a little foolish to risk being wrong?

Paul warned:

“Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires…for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:5-10).



  1. I know, it’s hard work, but before talking about something, could you consider informing yourself about it? And by that I don’t mean reading the bullshit from creationist web pages, but actual books about evolution? Your argument is “I can’t believe it to be true, so it’s false” – which is completely worthless, as you don’t even have a clue about how it works. It’s like saying “I don’t believe in automobiles, the whole motor thing can’t work, must be demons!”.


    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, and speaking of mutants and mutations, did you know that almost all of them are detrimental, and that none produce new information? We should all be dead by now. Well, if you want a scientific paper you can look somewhere else. If you want pro-evolutionary propaganda you can look somewhere else. If you want to consider something other than politically correct clap-trap you can look here.


      1. Honestly, with the things you “know” you could easily write a very funny book – unfortunately, the joke would be on you. No, not all mutations are detrimental – you could ask Lenski’s E. Coli bacteria, just to take a recent, well documented example.


      2. And what did the bacteria turn into-mice? Chickens? Whales? I’ll wager they turned into bacteria.
        You have commented in the style common among atheists-with personal insults. I’m not prepared to have a slanging match, but thanks for your input anyway.


      3. It’s really irony, that someone who only needs a book telling him that it is true to believe it, fails to accept overwhelming evidence. I am also always amused that Christians don’t see any blasphemy in trying to limit their gods to doing things the way they would have done them. But, on the other hand, it’s probably just normal: Man created god in his image – and still continues to do so.


      4. You speak as though you know me, but what you know is your warped stereotype of Christians. I was force-fed evolution at school and college, and I know enough to know that I have seen no evidence of it, only the conjectures of people like you who have a hatred for the Judeo-Christian God. I have no time for blind faith, and I have solid reasons for what I believe. I have no need to explain myself to you. I’ve had this conversation with several atheists, and I know exactly how it goes- you pour out your anger and call me ignorant and bigoted, because you just hate the thought that someone has faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. You still have time to repent Mr. Mutant, and how wonderful it would be for both of us if you did.


      5. I don’t believe he exists, so, as trying to tell me that I hate him is pretty pointless. It’s like trying to tell me that I hate Santa Claus for not bringing me gifts – nonsense.

        You only need to read some good books to see the evidence for evolution – or even some basic websites, like rationalwiki, which gives a nice summary (but, if you ask me, does not replace literature). Of course, honestly, I doubt that you would accept it, because you seem to think that only atheists accept evolution – which is, again, nonsense. Evolution doesn’t try to disprove god and there are many Christians who accept it.

        It is still time to start using that brain of yours for some rational thinking and how wonderful it would be for both of us if you did.


      6. You see, you’re talking about reading books to see some evidence-I’m not talking about what someone said or has written or is claiming or has theorized or hypothesized, I’m talking about actual evidence. For example, I’ve been to the Natural History museum in London. It’s a great place to visit, and you could spend days in there, but there is no evidence, only claims, artists impressions, and stories. There is no exhibit of fossils showing legs getting longer over the eons, (or shorter as in the case of goat/cow/wolf to whale evolution). There are one or two similarities in skeletal structure offered as evidence, but no series whatsoever showing one thing turning into another, out of all the billions of fossils which can be found around the earth. The missing links are still missing, and although a few are claimed, you don’t get to see them. Bacteria are still bacteria, clams are still clams, horses are still horses, and people are still people.
        No, you have made up your mind, and I’ve made up mine, and no pressure of political correctness, or of claimed expertise which is no more than educated expertise in a world-view and evolutionary theory/hypothesis, is going to make me cave in to follow the flow.
        I am convinced not just by faith but by logic and by what I see in the world that we did not evolve from a rock which in turn expanded out of nothing, and you and I are going to be answerable to our Creator one day.


      7. Ok, now we know, that you have a problem with the definition of “evidence”. The problem is simply, that there is more evidence than you can see. You assume that only evidence you can see and understand is valid, so you want the impossible, a chain of fossils from the first living being to us (for example). But that doesn’t exist, simply because fossilization is nothing that happens to all (or even most) animals and plants, only to very few.

        But what DOES exist is a ton of different evidence, for example, evidence by DNA, etc. Stuff you cannot see with your own eyes – except you start learning and invest much time to become an expert there, then you could use the tests to “see” it for yourself. Until then you have to listen to people who DID invest those years to become experts, otherwise you’ll sound like a guy who has no clue about cars but tries to tell the mechanic that he’s doing his job wrong. Evolution is not just an idea that someone had because he took at a look at some fossils. Fossils are one kind of evidence for evolution, not even near the only one. Of course, there are more fossils than you seem to know, for starters, you can look here to get the concept right for starters:

        It’s pretty childish to assume that the world must be so primitive that you can understand it completely by simply looking at some bones. And it’s arrogant to believe that you can dismiss evolution by looking at bones and claim that you, a total amateur, know better because that small aspect of the whole ton of evidence for evolution doesn’t convince you. Yes, it doesn’t. No, that doesn’t disprove evolution, it only proves that you don’t know all the evidence. Do you really believe that fossils are the only thing that is evidence for evolution?

        You are limiting yourself to ignorance here by believing that you only need to see some physical thing to know enough to have an opinion. But there is a way out of ignorance. It’s called learning. You could start here:

        Personally, my opinion is: I AM an amateur. I don’t have anything meaningful to add to the discussion about evolution. I would be arrogant to claim that I know something that thousands of experts who spent years of learning and researching don’t. I AM ignorant. But at least, I know that I am and this is, why I don’t arrogantly believe that my opinion has any weight in this matter. Dawkins, as much as I disagree with him sometimes, got that one right:

        “Evolution is almost universally accepted among those who understand it, almost universally rejected by those who don’t.”


      8. Did it never occur to you, that it’s pretty arrogant to assume that the world is so simple (or you so clever) that you can understand every detail of the world perfectly yourself? Do you think that you are so wise, that you only have to have a look at things to see everything about them? Do you think that all the other people are so dumb that you alone know better?

        I hope, you don’t need any explanation why I think it’s a complete waste of time talking to you?


      9. No, you haven’t wasted your time, because it’s given you another opportunity to consider that you must repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul


      10. What has Jesus to do with my sins? If I hit someone, what business does Jesus have to do with it? Jesus has no right to forgive me – that man does. It would be the forgiveness of the man I seek and I couldn’t care less what some carpenter’s son has to say about it. Even if there was a god, who created the universe, etc. bla bla – I would still seek only that man’s forgiveness and not god’s, because (assuming he exists) either god has done much worse or he doesn’t care.

        I have surely done things that I wouldn’t do again, no doubt about that, but your “sin” is a strange concept and the idea that babies are born with it is just inhuman. If you ask me, it’s just another tool to control people. And a pretty despicable one.

        And thanks, my soul is fine, still non-existing like ever, not feeling bad at all (because of the whole non-existing thingy).


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