I’ve explained in previous, more detailed posts on the Rapture that I believed in the pre-Tribulation Rapture for the first 28 years of my Christian life, but once I started asking questions instead of reacting indignantly against any other possibility, I began to discover that things may not be just as the popular evangelical prophecy “experts” have told us. Some of them need to shake themselves and then start ‘fessing!

We’re regularly told that the Church and the churches are absent from Revelation chapters 4 to 20, which is supposedly conclusive evidence that the Rapture occurs at least seven years before the return of Christ. I’ve commented before on the claimed “end of the Church age”, on the saints of Revelation, and other related topics. But here I want to stick a pin in the above balloon of thought with a verse from Revelation 22:16, which as you probably realize, comes after all the information and warnings given in chapters 4 to 20:

I Jesus have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches…” (NIV).

There it is-those chapters are for the Church after all!


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