Our world is under the full frontal assault of immorality and deception, and the leaders of our churches are too worried about keeping their jobs and keeping their businesses going to equip or prepare the body of Christ for the onslaught!

My sons are 14 and 11. They attend a public school where they are taught that they evolved from a puddle and that any kind of sexual expression is natural and normal. They, and millions of others who leave the churches in droves because they are so brainwashed and wooed by the lies, should be getting the antidote to the poison from their churches-but for the most part they are not.

If I were in such a position of responsibility I would spend at least every other Sunday morning in my church presenting prepared information from creationists, believing archeologists and historians, psychologists and apologists, preparing the people for what they will face the moment they step out of that church building. I’m speaking of the lure of ungodly sexuality, and I’m speaking of the lies of the dragon which have already convinced most in the churches (yes-IN the churches) that life evolved from nothing and that God had little to do with it-thereby making a lie of the Word of God with which we use to claim the moral high ground and eternal life.


I would schedule regular special events and seminars on such subjects, to which, I believe, people would flock. And they would flock because they want answers. They want answers to the drivel and nonsense of evolutionism which is stuffed down their throats every time they open a book or turn on a TV documentary or try to have a conversation about anything meaningful. If the unbelieving Church can have an “Evolution Weekend”, why can’t the believing Church have a “Creation Weekend?”

And all this talk about us all popping off to heaven any time now without having to suffer anything is just wishful thinking- and isn’t Biblical- at a time when those who hate the gospel of Christ are at work even and especially in the West, and are now in the highest positions of power.800px-Boeing_720_Controlled_Impact_Demonstration

People want answers to the lie that open and uncontrolled sexual expression is where the joy of life is to be found. In fact, what they want is real genuine love instead of the unfulfilling substitute being thrust into their faces.

These subjects go hand-in hand with Biblical doctrine: an on-going, in-depth study of what our God requires of us and what the nature of Truth is.

And people want and need fellowship. I’m not talking about five minutes of coffee and inane small talk before going out into the big bad world again, I mean love and laughter and care and concern and fun. Where is it all?



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