Here’s a thought: if you believe in evolution and you’re a carnivore, you’re eating your cousins. Come to think about it, even if you’re vegan you’re eating your cousins, and so is everything else. We could call Earth one big “family diner”.

(ABOUT BLANK “Humanoid”)


There are now over seven billion people on the face of the earth. Although there are face “types”, and some people seem to have doubles, every face is unique!



“You belong to your father, the devil…He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him” (John 8:44).


It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist-he denies the Father and the Son” (1 John 2:22).


Well, not really my very favorite, but one of my favorites is “Dr. Strangelove”, which I gave myself the pleasure of watching again a couple of days ago. I think it may be Peter Seller’s best movie. My favorite line is when Sellers, as President Merkin Muffley, upbraids US General Turgidson and Soviet ambassador Alexei de Sadeski, saying,:

You can’t fight here-this is the war room!”


When a faith-healer gets sick why doesn’t he heal himself? Why do faith healers die? (That’s a rhetorical question).



It’s amazing to me that although I express strong opinions on some things, nobody challenges me. This is worrying, because we should all have strong opinions and not be afraid to politely but firmly defend them. This phenomenon has to be somehow related to the fact that the government, politicians and judges get away with so much while “we the people” sit in front of our TVs and push more food into our faces.


In the 20th century Otto Schindewolf, Richard Goldschmidt and others proposed the “Hopeful Monster” mechanism of evolution. This theory, not widely accepted, resulted in the suggestion that the first bird hatched from a reptilian egg. In other words, evolution can happen in sudden leaps, not gradual change as we were all taught at school. The idea received renewed support in the 1970s from Stephen J. Gould, one of the main spokesmen for evolutionists in the U.S. at the time. In his 1977 article, “The Return of Hopeful Monsters, ” Gould not only admitted that the fossil record with its abrupt transitions offers no support for gradual change, but he also asked the question (asked by creationists ever since Darwin), of what possible use are the imperfect incipient stages of useful structures?


Even more contemptable, in my book, are the hopeful monsters of today’s prophecy “experts”. I heard one recently tell us:

“We know that the first trumpet (of Revelation) sounded at the time of World War I”.

How he “knew” this I can’t figure out, and it can’t be any more than guesswork, unless “the Lord told him”.

Another very prominent expert said recently:

“We know that God never brings judgment without removing his people first”.

This is of course a reference to the Rapture, which most evangelical ministers believe will facilitate our trip to heaven before anything bad happens to us.


You only have to look at the references in Revelation to those who are beheaded for their testimony for Jesus to realize that at least they won’t get raptured before facing the trials of the Tribulation (Revelation 20:4).

You can read my posts on the Rapture in which I discuss my view of the claim that we will escape all the troubles of the Tribulation. But it annoys me that such ministers are living the high life by speculating and guessing, and by failing to prepare the Church for what is already happening in some parts of the world. The most common word used by these people is “if”.

I’ve outlined previously the fact that the Wrath of God, according to Scripture, is not prophesied to fall until some point in the last three and a half years of that seven year period, so the idea that God will not pour out wrath on his people does not mean that we will all be gone before the seven year period of prophesied events begins. What we see now happening in many parts of the world, where many thousands of Christians are being persecuted and martyred in horrible ways while these prophecy experts make their money, is the wrath of man-the wrath of Satan.



The above discussion, particularly bearing the word “monsters” in mind, leads me on naturally to the fact that there are people in the world at this time who are, without meaning to, fulfilling Bible prophecy. From the extremist Muslims beheading and crucifying Christians and promising to wipe the Jews off the earth, to the world leaders who are anxious to divide Jerusalem, to those saying “where is the promise of his coming?”, to the multitudes around the world who are believing the media hype that the nation of Israel is committing senseless atrocities and has no right to defend itself, the Word of God appears set to be fulfilled in our time. See my posts on Jerusalem and Israel.


I should-since it’s a while since I did-let the reader who is not aware, know that Jesus Christ died for our sins. That is, if we accept his sacrifice on the cross and apply it to ourselves, and if we believe (accept) that God has raised him from the dead, and if we associate with him and change our ways, we are forgiven by God the Father, and we are promised eternal life, and given salvation from the consequences of everything we have done, said, and thought which offended the holy Creator of the universe. You don’t need a priest, you don’t need to give some minister all your money, you don’t need a religion, and you don’t need to “feel” anything: you are just one prayer away from God.


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