All around the country, and around the world, there are various levels of government which employ an ever-increasing number of people attempting to justify their positions, their salaries and their existence… by changing something.

A few, no doubt, change things with the correct motive of serving the public and working for the good of mankind. But (and the perpetual frustration with and distrust of government in every part of the world bears this out) many government officials should instead be bank clerks, hair-dressers or car mechanics. In other words, they should not be in a position to dictate anything to the rest of us.

I’ve been around long enough to see that the world is constantly changing. It changes sometimes for the better, but at a time when our world needs stability, and when people-especially children-need some cultural and relational roots, our society is being intentionally overturned and altered at faster and faster rates. Many of those in power over us think they know best but are motivated by faulty thinking, degenerate minds, destructive ideologies, self-righteousness, and a thirst for power and influence. They are our secular priesthood. They relish the thought of telling us all how we should live our lives, what right or wrong is, what we should and should not own, where we can and cannot walk, whether or not we can conduct business and make a decent living for our families, and what we should and cannot say or write blog posts about (!)

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Now we have even more levels of government forming and developing above the constraints of nationhood and elections, supported and funded by us, thanks to our federal government: busily looking for ways to take what little power we have further and further away from us. Our mainstream media doesn’t warn us that our rights and our hard earned money are being syphoned away by power-mad and self-righteous do-gooders, to places where we cannot reach, and where we cannot vote anyone out of their positions. Why? Because they too are funded and influenced by globalists who think they know how you should live your life, and who don’t really give a damn what you think.

The greatest curse on mankind from its own ranks has to be world governance. We can’t complain, we can’t rebel, we can’t vote them out, and we can’t even have a say. We are just expected to work and hand over our money so that they can spend it.

Photo by Sivani B on Unsplash

The World Economic Forum is a meeting of the world’s elites: the super-rich, the powerful, and the unaccountable. There, according to their own chairman, they plan the “great reset”, in which your world will be radically changed further in ways and by people that you didn’t vote for. They claim, of course, that it’s for your good and the good of all. But that’s been the claim of every would-be dictator of history.

Is there any hope? There was hope, I believe, in the form of Donald Trump, who fought against the tyranny of centralization. But the establishment, the people who think they know better than their employers, got the better of him, successfully brainwashing enough people into hating him, and having him removed from office. Failing his return, or the rise of a benevolent group of people who genuinely care about we the people, there is no hope-humanly speaking. The tide of human history is moving inexorably towards a system of world governence and a powerless people.

Ah, but there is hope. Not just a dim and tentative hope, but one that is as sure as anything in this world can be. World government is prophecied in the book of Revelation, in the Bible: but so is its antedote and its divine nemesis. The Bible’s pages tell a message of Hope for the world. It’s the message of the only and the ultimate answer to human world government: Jesus Christ. The One who created our cosmos will also deliver it, as He has promised.


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