Is all we see happening in the US and around the world just a continuation of history-long incompetence, deception and bad policies, or is something more profound going on? Are there indications that we’re approaching end times, apart from the nonsensical claims of prophecy “experts”? Here is a continuation of my own obsevations: I’m thinking out loud, if only to see the answer more clearly for myself.


The whole Covid/pandemic issue, to the Bible-believer, is one which hints at events of Biblical proportions. US government attempts to deal with Covid began with two weeks of controls to “flatten the curve”. Now we’re all wondering if we’ll be quarantined, wearing masks, and having endless vaccine boosters for the rest of our lives. Plagues have been with us for millennia, but they’re also featured in the prophecies of Revelation:

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth (Revelation 6:7-8).

I’m not here saying that Covid is necessarily one of those last-days plagues caused by the pale-horse rider, although I have wondered if the four horsemen were released long ago, and aren’t necessarily reserved for what we consider to be end times. However, since the pandemic is global, and since government is using it to curb our freedoms, we have to wonder if it’s related. There’s evidence that other viruses-more deadly than Covid 19-have already been created at Wuhan-a lab still in operation. And of course, there are other sources of plagues. What might happen next on a global scale, and could it turn out to be uncontrollable?


I spoke to a woman today who works at a government facility in a small town. She’s losing her job after eight years because she has allergic reactions to vaccines and can’t take the Covid vaccine. Twenty others at the facility are quitting over Biden’s mandate, and fifty-five are being fired for not complying. This is the pattern all over the nation, and probably much of the “free” world, at a time when there are already more job positions than people to fill them, and at a time of economic uncertainty for millions. I asked the woman what she puts the entire Covid problem down to, and her answer was “control”. It’s all about a socialist or communist power grab, she said, and the intimidation of the masses by their government and media masters. She isn’t the only one saying and thinking that: millions, you can be sure, feel the same way.

Studies which have found such facts as that natural immunity are more effective than the vaccine itself (note 5) are buried: they don’t fit the narrative that the government wants via their compliant media and social media. At least, say many including health-care professionals, while taking the vaccine may be a wise thing to do, there should be a choice in the matter-not coercion in a supposedly free society. The pandemic is certainly significant, but it isn’t the Black Death. Whatever happened to “My body, my choice”? It seems that freedom over your own body only applies in the matter of taking the life of a baby.


So many facets of this entire issue don’t add up. Where did the Covid virus come from? Trump blamed China, was vilified and mocked for it, but has now been vindicated among those who care to know (note 2). However, it wasn’t just a random lab-leak which then spread around the world. The lab was actually experimenting with, and even designing, viruses which would be harmful or fatal to humans. Why? What does that say about our future? And why was the United States, under Dr Fauci, funding that lab before the outbreak? Why did Fauci on behalf of the United States, with taxpayers’ money, fund a lab in China to search for viruses dangerous to humans (note 4)? Why design killer viruses at all? Don’t they have anything better to do? Why is the lab still in operation? Why is Fauci above suspicion, along with all the other politicians on the correct side of the isle? Isn’t it remarkable that the whole question of our obedience to the Federal government has occurred at the same time in history as the framing and the silencing of Trump-who advocated more freedom from government and a draining of the political swamp?


The state of the Church today, and trends within it, and attitudes of the secular and pagan world towards it, seem to be a clear sign of the end times. There have always been false teachers, false miracles and fakes, but never on the huge scale that we see today. How is it that many thousands of people can follow a man who claims to also be the I AM, and give him large amounts of money? Why are so many people seeking for the Lord to make them wealthy and prosperous, when Jesus Christ himself didn’t even have anywhere to lay his head (Matthew 8:20)? How can so many people fall for miracles which are no miracles at all?

The Church has wandered from the teachings of the Bible in the last few decades, and in some denominations is in open rebellion against it. Some of the Church has slipped into compromise. It’s all about making the flock feel comfortable now rather than giving them the undiluted truth and actually believing what has been passed down to us. Some new Bible translations are bordering on blasphemy, or at least they’re watering down and cheapening the Word. They’re omitting reverence for God. Where is the concern for holiness? Where is the hunger for the Word of God in our daily lives?

The other giant problem I see in the Church is a form of faith created on the fly by those claiming to be speaking new words directly from the Holy Spirit of God. They’re omitting an honest, holistic reading of Scripture, and they are re-making Christianity for themselves. We even have apostles and super-apostles now, and some claiming that they also are the I AM, or that they regularly go to heaven and have a little chat with God: even give him some advice. There is, said Paul, a false Jesus, a false God, and a false Holy Spirit: those spirits of rebellion and mockery are being listened to by more professing Christians every day.

The United States was founded on firmly Christian principles, by men who were either strong believers themselves, or who may not have been believers but had a respect and a reverence for the Faith. How much has changed! Our commander in chief today claims to be a Catholic believer but strongly supports abortion on demand and trans-genderism. He and his family are surrounded by stories of corruption. I will here make a prediction-not a prophecy. The people of the United States are being told that the nation’s history is evil and needs to be re-written. This is the style of all tyrannies. Because the history of America and the West in general is to a large extent influenced by the Christian Church, it will not be long before the blame for what revisionists perceive to be wrongs will be openly loaded onto the Christian Church.

Yes, brother and sister, what may or may not have happened hundreds of years ago will be blamed on you. No matter that hundreds of thousands of white and coloured people fought a civil war in part to end slavery, or that the very politicians who sought to end slavery on both sides of the Atlantic were white, or that multitudes of white people in the labouring classes of Europe were themselves virtually owned and certainly worked to death by the rich and powerful. Wokeness often blames the Church for slavery, but just take a look in Scripture: Paul equated slave-traders with murderers, with the sexually immoral, and with perjurers (1 Timothy 1:8-11).

I must admit to being disgusted with the attitudes of some…I said some…(many are great) ministers, including supposed evangelicals, who are telling us to not be involved in politics, and to be quiet and not upset anyone who might have different views. These preachers, who would rather go out and play golf than attempt to save their country, will be partly responsible when persecution comes, and unfortunately will also suffer from it themselves.

If you managed to read this far-thank you. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section. Next time in part 3 I will discuss the culture we live in as it relates to Bible prophecy, and on the nation of Israel and its enemies in end times.






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