The current and politically correct consensus on faith is that all “roads” lead to the same destination (nobody is sure what the destination is or if it matters anyway), and we’re all on our own “journey”. There is nothing independantly, objectively true, (except the nonsense of evolution) and anyone who claims that there is is branded a “bigot”. Truth with a capital ‘T’ is out of style.

Yet at the same time anything can be true for you if you want it to be. You can choose to believe anything or nothing. You can follow any philosophy or you can invent your own. You can follow no gods, one god, ten gods, or a million gods, depending on your preference, so long as you are “sincere” and ‘devoted to your path”. Amazingly, political correctness says that everyone is right! You can worship an idol or a teapot if you so desire (why isn’t that too small?).

I do know a little about Pantheism, Pan-spermia, Polytheism, Paganism, Para-Psychology, Palmistry, Parallel universes, Past-Life Regression and Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters, and I’m aware that they do all have at least one thing in common: they’re all opposed to the Biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. People say that the gospel “must” be wrong. God – and I mean the  Biblical one – is excluded from the list of “true” beliefs. One common reason given for this is that the Judeo-Christian God is far too small and judgmental. The Christian “religion” is far too new. Its beliefs are too narrow, exclusive and uninspiring.

How can a God who created the universe and everything in it, which itself “cannot contain him” be too small? How can a God who designed and made DNA, dinosaurs, deltas, dragonflies and diamonds be uninspiring? How can a God who knows all things be too narrow? How can a God who willingly died at the hands of his own creation in order to give every person on earth eternal life be too exclusive and too judgmental? How can a God who created time, space and matter be too new? How can a God who claims to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life, be ignored?

I think that what people mean by “too small” when they dismiss the Judeo-Christian God is that He has too many of His own ideas.  He thinks He knows it all. He just refuses to bow to the whims and wants of human nature. He fails to do things our way, and He actually has the nerve to write His own rules!  Who does He think He is anyway – God?



  1. Obviously the demonisation of Christianity in America is advanced a good deal more than in the UK.
    We’re on our way tho’, with all the numerous court cases of late involving Christians.
    Yet still Mr Camoron declares the UK to be a Christian country. Perhaps somebody ought to refresh his memory about the Ten commandments, especially the “Love thy neighbour” and “thou shall not kill” bits……


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