There’s a big effort going on to remove any public reference to Christianity and the Christian God from Western culture, and Western governments are now determined to be leaders in this movement. The established church has largely acquiesced to the will of the politicians (it always did I suppose). Instead of looking for a man of godly character and wisdom, most people vote for the one who looks good, who can lie most convincingly, whose party can raise the most campaigning funds, and who gets the thinly veiled or open approval of our news media and entertainment industry which shares his agenda. If you listen hard, you can hear Marx cheering from his grave, because Government has become our god, just as government became god for the communists under Stalin and Mao.

Don’t believe me? Then consider that government claims to fulfill all the attributes and duties of the “old “ God, except, I would argue, its demands are far less pleasant than the Biblical God’s demands:

Your new god watches everything you do and say, and is endeavoring to control what you think. It records and catalogues all your movements from cradle to grave. It promises to provide for you from cradle to grave. It controls your actions and your business, or even whether you should have any business. It extracts from you what it wishes.

Government dictates its own views of morality, and decides what truth is: what is right and what is wrong. It controls what you and your children believe and has established and enforced the state religion of evolution. It indoctrinates you in its enforced education system, then prevents you from getting the qualifications you need to work if you do not bow to its secularized view of the world.  It gives you pills to keep you happy. It punishes and disciplines you. It decides whether you should be born, and it will soon decide when you should die. It takes your children away from you when it sees fit, and takes your children to fight its wars. It’s beginning to control what you eat and how much you eat, how much water you use, and what you do with the air around you. It demands your allegiance. It’s everywhere.12017878-birkenau

By the way, what’s the difference between democracy and bathos?

Answer: bathos is funny.

(In case you didn’t guess, that joke is one of my own creations).

Even democracy itself is negated when the government, elected by money, image and media bias, makes decisions based on its own desires and views without needing or wanting to consult the people. Yes, congressmen, senators and members of parliament take part in the passing of law, but if they aren’t listening, or if they themselves are duped, cajoled or bribed, the will of the people is ignored. Add to that the lethargy of the people, preoccupied and hypnotized as they are by entertainment and their own immediate concerns, and you have a government on the loose.

Plato said that democracy will always tend towards tyranny (Plato’s “Republic”). Why so? Because government feeds itself richly from the hard work of the citizens it claims to protect, so that it grows without limit, and gains more and more control, like a cancer. Human nature ensures that many people who want to be our governors think that they know better than their fellow citizens, and eventually some come along who demand absolute authority so that they can impose their solutions to all our problems – the problems which government created in the first place.democracy-2

Human government is alright (in human terms) as long as you agree with it. But what happens when it enacts something you do not agree with, something that you think is clearly wrong? Is it wrong for government to do that? How can it be wrong, since you  have rejected God, the only one who is True, and have thereby given human government license to decide what’s right and what’s wrong? As in the theory of evolution, there is no absolute right or wrong – life is all about survival of the fittest. If the people with the most money or the most power succeed in their wishes, you have no right to complain, if you have bought into that way of thinking. And, true to Marxist theology, your own wishes must be subservient to the will of the government:

“At no time and in no circumstances should a communist place his personal interests first: he should subordinate them to the interests of the nation and of the masses” From “The Role of the Chinese Communist Party in the National War” (October 1938) Selected Works, Vol.II p. 198.

No, I am not an anarchist. Neither do I condone any kind of illegal or violent activity. I agree with the Bible when it says that government should be obeyed, so long as it doesn’t conflict with the will of God, and that it is used (not created) by God to maintain order and justice. I’m just saying that human government alone does not and cannot work. And if we continue to entrust ourselves to human government only, we are setting ourselves up for tyranny and some terrible times. We’re handing over our lives – body, mind and soul – to government. We get the leaders we deserve, because we turn our backs on the only true source of freedom: God.


By rejecting the idea of willingly keeping a check on our own behavior out of a love and a fear of God, and the sense that some things are objectively good and some bad, we are making necessary a mountain of lawmaking to try to control people. We have to pay enormous sums in taxes to try to catch people, when they think that they have only done something wrong if they get discovered and are subsequently convicted in court. If they only have to avoid capture, and need feel no guilt or conscience or fear of judgment, they will try harder to do so. Man against man offers far better odds than man against God.  You could boil down the entire predicament to just these few words:

“Less God equals more law”.

The secularist will complain that religion takes away freedom and that theocracies are oppressive. I totally agree. However, the form of Biblical government given in the Old Testament, in which God sets the standards, (and not human institutions of religion) seems to me a much fairer system than is any human system I’ve heard of. Needless to say, the people of that day failed to enact the system, the greedy took over, and before long the people chose to hand over their freedom to a monarchy.

So we must either stop whining about our government, or we must hope and confess that there is a God in heaven. Why? Because if there is no God, then our “survival of the fittest” mentality forces us to surrender to the unpredictable control of government, or to fight it. If God created us, there is a hard and fast system of truth which would cause us to thrive as individuals and as a society if we lived by it: “for best results, follow the maker’s instructions”. Without those instructions, society is like a ship on the ocean with no objective means of navigation: the crew must argue about who might know the best direction to travel in, all assuming that they agree on what the destination should be.


No I’m not saying that we must just blindly believe that there’s a God in order to have a fixed point of reference: there’s abundant evidence in nature that there is a God, and that He is a God of order. The problem is that we have been hoodwinked into believing that everything was created by fantastic chance and that we can therefore make up our rules for ourselves. No, the laws of nature didn’t just happen, and this incredible, beautiful world didn’t just form itself: they were made by a being who knows how things work.

We’re taught to not even seek God, but rather to accept the notion that we crawled out of slime, and that we must create or find our own truth. But there is a God, and there is a separate and an objective Truth which gives us the sense that some things are objectively right and some are wrong. There is a God who has a good idea of how government should operate.  There is a God to appeal to for help. There is a God who will ultimately judge us all, including those in government – all the way to the top – and He will judge by His standards of right and wrong, not by the standards of some committee, president or government. God isn’t interested in majority views: He’s already made up His mind.


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