Are we really close to experiencing end-times events? I’ve stated that I don’t like to speculate or read into current events things which are questionable, or as we say where I come from, “iffy”. However, while denying ambiguity and hypocrisy, I here intend to do just that, if only to connect some dots and make some things clearer in my own mind. I’m thinking aloud.

Me on a bad day…

Is all we see happening in the US just the result of incompetence and bad policies, or is something deeper going on? The world of politics and humanity in general has always been suffering some level of turmoil. Worse times have come and gone throughout history: take the Black Death as one example. The world is a big place: what happens in the US, at this point in time, doesn’t necessarily have any prophetic relevance…or does it?

For reasons I outlined in my post, “Why Isn’t America mentioned In Bible Prophecy?” (note 6) I think it’s clear that the Western world, including the United States, is the continuation of the last great empire foretold in the book of Daniel, chapters 2 and 7. That last empire which we can easily recognize as originally Rome, never really died. It divided, yes, and it weakened through division, but in effect it’s still here. It’s in a different form-just as the iron of Daniel’s image continued on all the way, chronologically, through the legs to the end of the toes. All that needs to transpire now is the appearance of Antichrist and the ten leaders who will rule with him. What happens to the United States is of huge significance.


Trump was demonized and set up as a criminal because he was blatantly patriotic, and because he declared war on what he called “the swamp”: the establishment which controls all that happens in Washington DC, beyond the reach of the voter. When Trump was labelled a Russian agent at his election I knew the charge was nonsense, as did half the population of America, while the other half- and a large portion of the rest of the “free” world- willingly believed what the media told them. The swamp was defending its power. Now it’s been proved that not only was Trump not a Russian agent, but that elements of the Democratic Party were setting him up, with the help of their media, some foreign agents, and even some Republicans (note 1). He was lied about fiercely on other issues too, in fact he was accused of just about every human failing you could think of.


These ” Russia-collusion” claims weren’t lies from a fervent desire to see Americans prosper and unite, or to protect us from Russia. They were from an agenda which most people know nothing about, as they’re led sheepishly to their destiny. America was certainly becoming prosperous and successful again under Trump, which was the last thing the schemers wanted. Making America great again had nothing whatsoever to do with racism as was claimed: that was another huge lie. What kind of people want to threaten a race war by accusing half the population of the nation-along with the President they elected-of being racists? And they continue today with CRT in our public schools.

Immediately after the 2020 election I watched a lot of the personal testimony of witnesses who were involved in counting votes, and of tech experts. Hundreds, around the country, were all pointing to the clear conclusion that the election was not conducted honestly-and that’s the polite way to word it. I watched the election results coming in on the night, and Trump, even late in the evening, was on a clear path to victory. Then suddenly voting stopped in several key states, and when it started again, almost all the votes coming in were for Trump’s opponent. After the election, politicians and judges alike, including the Supreme Court, refused to look at the evidence.


Can a society where such a thing happens really be “free”? No, it can’t. And what does this portend for the future of our world, in which the most influential; the richest and the most powerful, are arguing for a “great reset” and for agencies with global reach and with no voter accountability, to be empowered? As I noted before, there is no Biblical statement that there has to be a world government in place before the antichrist makes his appearance: that will fall into place under his power and leadership. We do, however, seem to be moving in that direction, with more centralization, and more and more powerful people at a greater and greater distance, with less accountability, running our lives. This certainly is Biblical. God knew what he was doing when He scattered the nations at Babel. Antichrist could not arise in a world of independent nation states. Hitler, as strong as he was, failed. But the next antichrist may not, particularly if the global media is on his side.

To some this is all baseless conspiracy theory. Believe CNN if you like: this post is not for you. But the rest of us, who know that the world is on the road to Revelation, suspect, to put it mildly, that the the most powerful nation on earth, and therefore the world, is in the grip of a bunch of schemers: social and political alchemists.

The trend we see may all be reversed, and the political turmoil could abate. I will be happy if that turns out to be the case. However, when we look at the entire situation along with other trends which are clearly warned of in Bible prophecy, it’s all very compelling. Assuming that the sharp political division and the lying and the scheming doesn’t die down, what should we think of it all? Perhaps all the talk of a “great reset” has something to do with it. Perhaps the march of Marxist ideology has something to do with it. Perhaps the declaration by one World Economic Forum leader, “By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy” has something to do with it-no matter what the “fact checkers” say (note 3). Can there be any more Orwellian term in use today than “fact checkers”?


Perhaps the dream of other rabid globalists has something to do with it. Perhaps these three are one. American patriotism must be eradicated-labelled as racism, right-wing extremism. or hate-speech, in order to eventually reach the desired goal of global governance under a socialist/communist system, in which the ultra-rich keep their billions and become the ruling elite. The goal for them has to be homogenisation of the masses: isn’t that what we see in process-or at least, an attempt at it? Iron and clay might be mingled, but don’t mix, and never will (Daniel 2:41-42).

Social and political alchemy is the motivation of DC and much of the Western leadership. Tucker Carlson aired a speech by Joe Biden made in 2015, in which he describes the goal of the open borders policy, which is to put whites into the minority as soon as possible. That’s fine in principle, except as Tucker says, the economy and the social structure can’t handle such irresponsible policies and such huge and rapid change. Why, if white people are so evil, do we have a white President? Shouldn’t he resign and give someone else the job? You can see Joe himself talking here (note 7).

At the heart of it all, aren’t they attempting to reverse Babel? Why would any government, claiming to be working for their citizens, open their borders to literally millions who have not even been vetted? Why would any government put that strain on their own economy and their own citizens? The same is happening in Western Europe. Governments say they are protecting the borders, but the opposite is clearly true. Brexit didn’t stop the invasion of Britain, and the government there continues to let them all in, no matter what their philosophy. It isn’t without purpose.

Franklin Graham on 13th of October wrote this:

The tactics that socialists and communists have used throughout history when they were trying to take over a country include creating political chaos, economic failure, and social upheaval. It is concerning that we see all of those on the rise in our nation


The point I am making, considering the tyranny which will overtake the entire world during the final years. is first that the one thing preventing a tyranny from taking over-beside the hand of God-has been the force of freedom within the United States, and that protection is ending. Secondly, the entire “destroy Trump” frenzy shows as clearly as we need to see that our media is not searching for truth and genuine news: they are pushing an agenda, and actively taking part in the overthrow of a nation. They cannot be trusted. Their bias is driving half of the nation and the free world. They will, I extrapolate, be enthusiastically promoting and upholding that man of lawlessness (the term used in the KJV), and will essentially persuade the whole world to fall in love with him (Revelation 13:8). Our media, global as it now is, is the perfect instrument to rally the world to him.

At the same time free speech and freedom of conscience is under attack in what’s become known as our “cancel culture”. We’re made to think that if we don’t accept certain human indulgences as being normal or even praiseworthy, we’re hateful. The wedge of political correctness has made us as a society accept things that no society in the past would have accepted. We can’t even question such things as man-made climate change without being harassed and mocked. History is being revised, culture is being erased, and our kids are being indoctrinated with the new politically-correct ideology which will rob them of freedom, and change our world for the worse. Parents are being threatened by the government with FBI investigation for speaking out on the divisive and destructive things being pushed onto their kids…and for questioning the right of their government, local and national. to force the Covid vaccine on their own little children.

All this and more indicates a move away from freedom of speech and conscience, and towards tyranny. Some on the Left in America have openly mocked freedom of choice-except when it comes to abortion. There is a tyranny spoken of in Revelation which in many ways already matches the one brewing. Vaccine requirements around the world, for example, in which people are losing their jobs and their right to partake in certain activities normal to a free society, hint at the mark of the beast.

Thank you for reading this far! Your thoughts are welcome in the comment section. Part two will appear in a few minutes…








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