God and the Experts.

It seems to me that far too many of our so-called "experts" are ruled by money. They must protect their positions and their incomes; they must get their grants; they must impress their peers and uphold politically correct and woke thought. They are saving their lives and losing their souls.


The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory is Faulty!

Hello and welcome, truth-seekers. I was a believer in the pre-tribulation rapture for twenty-eight years, but not any more. I see now that many teachers and ministers in the evangelical Church have become entrenched in faulty thinking and faulty interpretation on this subject, fueled by an understandable desire to be where Jesus is rather than … Continue reading The Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory is Faulty!

The Endurance of the Saints

Sometimes I experience moments or even hours of despair, when I see the state of our world. Good is called ecil, and evil is called good. The immoral and the liars and the perverted seem to be on the ascendancy. Our governments seem to be wholly controlled by the corrupt, and those in media who should be exposing them are instead a part of the corruption. What can we do?

Toast, Murphy’s (Sod’s) Law, and the Bible.

When you drop your toast on the floor, does it always fall jammy side down? When you go to the store or the bank, or when you drive into the city, are you always in the line that takes far longer to get there than the others do? Do you ever ponder how this happens? Fret no longer, dear reader: there may be an answer to the problem.