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If I were to coin the phrase, "Holy Division", it would not, contrary to the opinions of many out of and even in the Church, be an oxymoron: it would be a scriptural and practical imperative... It's common to hear many people across the political and religious spectrum to piously declare that we should "come … Continue reading UNITY? NO THANKS!


Who hasn't heard or read the slogan "My body my rights!" being used to defend abortion?  People who defend the "right" to abort babies do so in a myriad of ways. Those most in a state of denial attempt to tell us that women must have abortions in order to survive the pregnancy. I say that … Continue reading WHOSE BODY?


So "Planned Parenthood", while wanting the world to believe that what they abort by the million is only a clump of unwanted cells, is and has been selling human organs and other body parts from late and full term fetuses: http://aclj.org/pro-life/important-pro-life-investigative-journalism-continues-as-new-video-reveals-more-gruesome-truths-about-planned-parenthood What sickens me almost as much is the level of denial by the bulk of the media, … Continue reading BODY PARTS


Mr Jo Biden recently admitted during a public vice-presidential debate that he believes life begins at conception. He then said that he did not want to “push” his beliefs onto other people, and supported a woman’s right to an abortion.  If that which is in the womb is alive, but it’s alright to take that … Continue reading VOTE FOR BABIES