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How do you lead people to conclude that there's only one truth, without showing them any real evidence to support it? Answer: you keep them from all dissenting alternatives... I was listening to a BBC radio discussion on the subject of parasitism recently (1), the panel being a gathering of very learned and highly credentialed evolutionary scientists. … Continue reading WHEN IGNORANCE IS INTENTIONAL

A Sword from the LORD

Hello! This is Nathan Fisher. I’ve seen my Dad publish a lot of fantastic articles here over the years glorifying God, and this seems like quite a bit of fun. So anyway, on a more serious note, I was reading an article on the New York Times about “religion.” It correctly attributed the quote, “I … Continue reading A Sword from the LORD


Yesterday I saw a box containing products from a company calling itself “Klever Innovations”. Wow! How klever! I suspect the manufacturers do know the correct spelling of the word, but somehow they believe they’re appealing to the spirit of our age when they misspell it. It’s a safe little dose of rebellion against tradition and … Continue reading SKOOL, KOOL AND KONFORMITY


(Alternative title "PROUD TO BELONG TO THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY") Within a few centuries mankind has swung out of the clutches of a tyrannical church into the clutches of a tyrannical “settled” science.  We're being conditioned to accept what the ruling elite tells us is settled, sometimes in a manner which smacks of Hegelian/ Marxist dialectics. (SOLEE: "Sommerliebe") The Hegelian dialectic … Continue reading CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE TYRANNY OF “SETTLED SCIENCE”


  I’ve spoken to Christians who think we shouldn’t be interested in having reasons for our faith. We shouldn’t use or even consider logic or knowledge or argument or evidence to support our faith, because, they say, these things are the opposite of faith, in fact they quench it. (PFL11 "MORNING BOY" This is a … Continue reading DO CHRISTIANS NEED REASON?