How could I personally prepare for the end-times? And even if we aren't near the end times, the world is rapidly changing, and there's no way to stop it: how can I compose myself enough to deal with what's coming upon the world? How will I keep my cool and my sanity; my faith and my hope?



If you're interested in truth you belong to a rare breed in today's world. In fact, truth is so out of style that a large number of individuals and organizations are intentionally working at avoiding it, and in preventing you from finding it... Who checks the so-called "fact checkers"? Where did they get their diplomas … Continue reading EMBRACING DIVISION


History consists of a long series of attempts to achieve what seemed to someone's imagination and plans to be a "better world", but which often involved revolution, war and mayhem... Mankind never actually succeeds in achieving perpetual happiness for anyone, let alone everyone. But with human nature being as it is, many people are certain … Continue reading THE ROUGH ROAD TO UTOPIA

A Sword from the LORD

Hello! This is Nathan Fisher. I’ve seen my Dad publish a lot of fantastic articles here over the years glorifying God, and this seems like quite a bit of fun. So anyway, on a more serious note, I was reading an article on the New York Times about “religion.” It correctly attributed the quote, “I … Continue reading A Sword from the LORD